Roman Britain in our future

John is starting to put together a rough itinerary for our shoot in Britain – which looks like it will take place in mid-June. Personally I’m very keen to go back to Bath, where I spent some time back in the 20th century. Lovely city, with a to-die-for fudge factory slash museum which I’m dearly hoping is still around. We zoomed through Bath last year when filming our Magna Carta documentary, but seeing as we were a) sick with a stomach bug and b) in a hurry to get to Evesham and Worcester, we didn’t have time to stop and go look for the factory. I waved at the city, though (with the wrong hand, because the right one was busy driving backwards). But this time we get to go film there, and I promise to report on the fudge situation.

We are also going to go to Tintagel and this has me excited because I’m a huge fan of The Goon Show and one of my favourite episodes is The Spectre of Tintagel. I am absolutely going to go there and (once we’re done filming) do my best imitation of Bluebottle’s “Ghost, captain?” (Ah yes. This is as close to inside baseball as I ever get.)

Remains of Tintagel Castle, believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur

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