England, here we come!

Things are moving apace! We’re excited to announce that we’ve now booked our shooting trip to England (with a wee side trip to Scotland) in June. John wants to visit some of the key sites where the rights of the English (and by extension the rights of Canadians, Americans, and other members of the Anglosphere) to keep and bear arms originated. I believe he said something about Sherwood Forest. Think I should get him a Robin Hood costume, or would that be too much? (I’m kidding. I think.)

John is also planning some filming on this side of the Atlantic for the months leading up to June so that we can come back from England and spend the summer months editing. He’s currently putting the final touches to the synopsis of the documentary, and when it’s ready we will of course share it with you so you have a better idea of the points that will be covered in the documentary and in what order. After that we will start booking the Skype chats for those of you who chose that reward and wanted to discuss the project in the pre-production phase. John is tentatively saying April will be a good time to schedule those chats. When he’s more sure about the timing I will start sending out notes to that effect.

In the meantime, please check out our latest project, which is also part of our larger goal of retaking our institutions. It’s called True, Strong and Free and it aims to explain what is wrong with the 1982 Constitution and how we can fix it. We are planning to film that one this spring as well, including while we’re out in England. We are very touched so far to see so many of our existing supporters back this project as well. Together we can do it, together we can reclaim our heritage and take back our institutions.

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