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We recently had the fantastic opportunity to film a very impressive firearms collection and to get the owner to explain to us the history of each one. What an education! (In case you’re wondering: Yes, all the firearms are legally owned, and all were safely and properly handled by the registered owner only. We do things by the book. Except for John’s hair. We totally wing that.)

We are also going to be interviewing on camera later this month a true Canadian hero, a man who has sacrificed more than most of us ever will for our liberties and our right to defend ourselves. We are very excited about that.

Other than that, John has mostly finished planning our filming trip to the UK next month, during which we will be filming for two different projects (Right to Arms and our other project to fix the Constitution). We like to be efficient and this way we save tons on travel expenses, giving you, our backers, a lot more bang (as it were) for the buck. On the flip side this means a lot more administrative work and careful planning on our part, which helps explain why we’ve been quiet the last few weeks. We were busy putting this puzzle together. Most of the pieces are in their proper spot now, and we will be able to keep you updated on our progress as we go along. Things should start getting really interesting by mid-June, so make sure to stay tuned.

Many thanks again for your support for this project. And if you’d like to help us with our sister project to fix the Canadian Constitution (in particular to add protection for property rights), we are still raising funds for that one and you can chip in here.

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