Between Bideford and Bude

A very friendly slug
King Arthur may well have been here
On the way up to Cadbury Castle we saw very cute and friendly cows
We visited the birthplace of John Locke in Wrington
Bath is awesome
Roman bath in, of all places, Bath

Phew, what a day! We started out in Bath, at the Roman bath. Something not to be missed if you’re in the area. I’d been here in the late 1990s and the place was as magical today as it was back then, including the extraordinarily luscious fudge factory.

We then drove to Wrington via countless “roads” that were so small as to be comical. I’m talking barely wide enough for one car, and these were two-way “roads”. With no stop signs or speed limits or anything. Not that you need speed limits; you’d be nuts to go fast. What do you do when you meet someone going the other way? Stuff your car into the hedges, and zoom past each other with entire eights of inches to spare.

Brits have nerves of steel behind the wheel, I tell you. Me, I’m still shaking. Well, OK. Not quite. But almost.

Anyhow, Wrington was thoroughly lovely but we had to leave to go to Cadbury Castle, where it is thought that King Arthur spent time with his knights. Or so the legend goes. We had to drive along many more comically narrow “roads” to get there, then walk a little over 500 metres up a fairly steep hill, schlepping the gear. We met a friendly group of cows gently pasturing and leaving patties all over the field. I tried to interview the cows but they got camera shy. The overly friendly slug did not have that problem. She crawled all over my gear bag.

Then off to the Devon/Cornwall area for the night, before heading out to Tintagel in the early morning.

The weather so far is working with us (not too hot, not too cold, not raining; can’t complain), and unlike last year we seem to be stomach-bug-free so far this time around, yahoo.

We are very happy with what we have on camera already. We are a bit tired now so in honour of Fathers’ Day we are each drinking one full beer before going to sleep early. Tomorrow we start the day with a healthy Cornish breakfast (they go for meat and fat around here; my kind of people) and continue on our journey.

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