A message from Brigitte

Hello backers. Some of you have asked us how things were going with the documentary and I’ve answered those questions privately (well! it’s all going very well! production is about to start and we are beyond excited!) but I also thought I’d write all of you a public note that’s also a bit of a mea culpa.

Because the truth is, it’s my fault we’ve been quieter about this project than we were last year about our Magna Carta documentary. Here’s why:

We do karate – all of us, including the kids. When we say we believe in our right to self-defence, we don’t just mean in theory. Both John and I have a second-degree black belt and the kids are progressing nicely. Since October I have been training for competition (along with our eldest); we are trying out this weekend for a spot on the Canadian team, for the privilege of representing Canada at the Worlds in Ireland this fall. That’s pretty cool. (Oh, and if you’re in Ottawa this weekend with some free time, why not come cheer us on?) But it’s not entirely the reason why we’ve been quiet.

The main reason is that since January I have also been training for my third-degree black belt. This meant agreeing to a special training schedule that kept me in Ottawa the entire spring. I will be grading for that third degree on the weekends of May 28 and June 4-5.

Seeing as we couldn’t take off for a production shoot between January and early June, we decided to combine both the Right to Arms documentary and our newest True, Strong and Free project to fix the Constitution (we’re still raising funds for that one, nudge nudge wink wink), and take off for our main production trip in England on June 15. We will also have one or two shorter production trips in early July (Eastern Canada and parts of the U.S.) to round things up. Then we edit like fiends and prepare for release in December like we promised.

John has spent the spring researching and preparing both projects and he is ready to start filming in earnest. We’ve also done a few bits of filming this spring, including when we went for a quick business trip to Alberta in February, and those clips are ready to be edited along with the footage we’ll bring back from England.

So there. Now you know why we’ve been relatively quiet. But fear not; it’s about to change, and not just a little.

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