A Right to Arms in the National Post

In his latest National Post column John talks about how odd it is that instead of Canadians mistrusting government, we now allow it to mistrust us. It doesn’t believe we can shop by ourselves, ride a bicycle or get in a boat safely, defend ourselves, speak freely without speech codes or build a deck without rules about the height of our railings. And instead of insisting that we know what we’re doing, too often we let it tell us what to do.

In doing so we are losing our heritage. Servile incompetence is not a Canadian value. This country was built by self-reliant people who kept their governments in check, and it’s high time we went back to that arrangement.

2 thoughts on “A Right to Arms in the National Post

  1. Like it or not, our political structure is highly out-dated. Unlike United States’ political structure where everyone is voted into office, which mandate officials to a higher standard of accountability to the people; in Canada, they are appointed into office where they are held at a lower standard of accountability which made them untouchable; hence, they are not working for the people nor for the benefit of the people. Having elected MP (not appointed), judges, etc will make them accountable as they know that if they do not server the public well, they will be voted out for a very long time (or may not be elected in forever)

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