“We must denormalize this attitude”

Just rewatched a great speech our friend Brian Lilley gave to a group of Albertans last year, two years after the High River gun grab. We are a year later and “this attude”, that gun owners’ rights don’t matter, is still very much alive.

Like Brian, we say this: It’s not about guns. It’s about your fundamental right to self-defence. And we need to help people understand that. That’s the purpose of our documentary.

As one of our backers, Bryan Moir, put it on Facebook today:

While we decry the actions of the state police I wonder how many of you will speak or spoke with your wallets to fund the work and documentary underway by John Robson? without solid historical and legal precedent conveyed in a way so all can understand FB posts are nothing more than yelling down a well.

There is still time to make a contribution to our project and add your name to the credits. Visit the “Help us” page for details.

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